RUF Midwest Winter Conference 2022

  • February 25, 2022
  • Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN

RUF Midwest Winter Conference 2022

RUF Midwest Winter Conference 2022

February 25-27, 2022


1405 State Rd 46 W
Nashville, Indiana 47448


Check out some of our seminars!

Nick Bratcher- Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Description: We are ethically impoverished. We went looking for freedom and found ourselves enslaved to an ethical system that provides more outrage than answers, more pain than promise, and more gray than guidance. How do we get out of this mess?

Chris Colquitt- Northwestern
Description: You walk out the church doors on Sunday to find yourself half-asleep in your Monday morning lecture. How do these spheres of life intersect? Does God care about our work, and if so, why?

Ethan Brown- University of Illinois
Description: We all live like we are convinced that belonging to ourselves is a good, liberating, and beautiful thing. It isn’t. But there’s good news: you are not your own! In this seminar we will consider how belonging to Christ changes the way we view our bodies, our relationships, our work, and our leisure.  

Kristen Thompson- Washington University 
Description- We talk a lot about prayer. But have you ever wondered what the point of it is? Why pray if God already knows everything? Once we know the goal of prayer, we can figure out if it works or not. The Bible tells us to pray, so let’s hope there’s a goal and that it works!

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